Top Reads of 2017

I love reading. So much. Here are my five favorite books from this year: Braving the Wilderness by Brene Brown: Braving the Wilderness is a book all about shame--something we all experience but can't seem to put into words (or are too ashamed to--see what I did there?). I devoured this in a day, unlike her last book, which... Continue Reading →

Advent: A season of longing

Before I jump into this, I recognize that I haven't blogged or written this year for myself; that is, written something that someone hasn't commissioned me for. I've taken a hiatus because I was overwhelmed from keeping up with work while falling in love while reconciling a new chronic illness and dealing with all that... Continue Reading →

Introducing: Letters to the Church

Hi all! A few years ago, as I was writing the New Testament year for our middle school ministry's rotation, I realized that there were no series out there on the Epistles. None. Nada. There are stories on Galatians, or Corinthians, or Philippians, but none that highlight each book and some of their core teachings. So I... Continue Reading →

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